Suzhou Chinese Orchestra set off "the most dazzling Chinese style" in Brussels, Belgium

Suzhou Chinese Orchestra set off "the most dazzling Chinese style" in Brussels, Belgium

2019.01.21 |

At 8 p.m. local time on January 21, Suzhou Chinese Orchestra held a grand Chinese orchestral concert "Chinese music with Suzhou Charm" at the Brussels Art Center in Belgium, which is the fourth performance of the orchestra's European tour of the National Art Fund Cultural Exchange Project. The arrival and splendid performance of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra received a warm welcome in the local area. Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Cao Zhongming and more than 1000 audiences watched the performance. European media such as China International Television Spanish Channel, German Music Magazine and French Cultural Media Book Agency conducted in-depth interviews and reports.


Cao Zhongming, Chinese Ambassador to Belgium, took a group photo with the artists and delivered a speech after the concert. He pointed out: "Tonight's performance is a feast of cultural exchange between China and the West! From the warm applause of the audience, we can hear their high recognition of the orchestra's artistic level and their high interest in oriental music culture. The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra is here to bring Chinese culture and show the charm of Chinese art. I congratulate you on the success of tonight's performance. I hope that the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra can continue bringing such high-level performances. I also hope that the characteristics of Suzhou culture, art and music can be brought to Europe, so that the people of Europe can learn more about China and love China!"

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